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Since 2011,  Digital Traffic Ace has helped THOUSANDS of marketers and entrepreneurs grow their businesses. 

And this is perhaps my favorite part of what we do... sharing some of our students' exceptional results :)

And indeed, these are exceptional, and I think it's important to make clear that results like this aren't typical for the average person. I am so proud of each of these students for the time and work they put in to their business. 

And while these examples below aren't intended to represent or guarantee you or anyone else will see the same or similar results, I do want to take time and spotlight what some students have been able to achieve throughout their time in our program. 

From very first sales, to $500 days, $1000 days, to even 7-figure stores... you'll see it all below.

Make sure to scroll all the way down... there's a bunch :)
Mark: Started with SIP team less than 8 weeks ago; recently he just celebrated his first $1,000 day! See Mark's Full Digital Traffic Ace Review. 

Lazar: Lazar had some experience prior to joining the program. All he was looking for was some coaching. and a done-with-you store.

Shelle: After starting her store in early January 2020, she quickly ramped up to over $20k in sales within less than 3 months. See Shelle's Full Digital Traffic Ace Review

Michelle: Former healthcare worker, turned stay at home Mom and entrepreneur, is now getting consistent sales and couldn't be happier! See Michelle's Full Digital Traffic Ace Review.

Mark: Purchased several courses in the past but never got the support he needed. Now he's just celebrated his first $1000 day.

Shelle: After a slow start, with a store that didn't meet her expectations, Shelle went to the drawing board and started a new store. Sales started coming in two hours after launch, and haven't stopped in months!

Tony: Was sick of typical courses and wanted REAL 1:1 coaching and accountability. Got his store as high as $3000/day in sales.

Clay: From struggling for 6 months on his own, to a store that did as much as $1000/day in sales. 

Seth & Marisa: From brand new, to a product selling so well, they had to pause their ads to keep up. 

Wayne: Started a store that "bombed," then learned the skills and went on to build a successful store. 

Steve: Spent nearly $10,000 on other programs and was still confused. Within 10 days of launching ads with our team, he'd generated about $1,500 in sales!

Grant: A consultant with NO CLUE about setting up and running a store... to doing over $140,000 in sales. 

Kodi & Chloe: Launched a store and got to $1500-2000 per DAY in revenue...all within 8 weeks!
Marc & Matthijs: From inconsistency, to a store that did over $30,000 in sales in a single month.
Miranda & Leigh: From store launch, to days doing $1000...EVEN when they ran into problems with their ads account!
Kerry: Also runs an "offline" retail store, and quickly learned the benefits of an online business. 

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