"Can An Online Store Replace a Full-Time Income?"
Use This Free Dropshipping Calculator to Find Out

With the boom of eCommerce and entrepreneurship over the last several years, many people have asked the question:

"Can an online store replace a full-time income?"

The short answer is YES, but the answer is more complicated than that. 

I understand why people ask the question.

About 10 years ago, I was working a corporate job, making about $50,000 a year. 

I KNEW I wanted to start my own online business one day, but I wasn't sure if I'd be able to replace my income. 

Fast-forward about a decade, and now we run our own online stores, and help our clients grow theirs as well. 

In fact, here's a message sent to us by one of our clients. We helped them grow their store to a point where they were comfortable leaving their corporate jobs. 
The mistake most people make, is they don't actually calculate what it would take to hit their goals. 

They also vastly underestimate the work it takes to get there. 

That's why we put together this calculator below, where you can plug in numbers and see how many products you'd need to sell to create the income you desire from your online store. 
Here's How to Use It
There's five sections for the calculator. 

∙What You Pay For the Product: This is simply what you pay per unit for a product you're selling in your store. For example, if the supplier is charging you $15 for a product, then you'd choose $15 for this section of the calculator. 

∙What You Make Per Sale: This is what you sell each product unit for. So if you get it for $15, you might mark it up to $44.99. So for this section, you could enter in $45. 

∙What You Pay in Ads For Each Sale: Running Facebook and Instagram ads is one of the FASTEST ways to bring visitors and buyers to your store. In this section, you can simply estimate how much ad spend it will cost you to make each sale. This is otherwise known as "Cost Per Purchase."

Daily Number of Sales: Pretty self-explanatory... in this section, just put an estimate of sales you'd want to make per day. 

Timeline: Set the timeframe of how long you'll hit the above metrics. 

Once you enter in these numbers, the calculator will spit out some results:

- The revenue your store will make in this timeframe, using the figures you entered. 

- Your total profit and margin (in percentage), when subtracting the amount you spend on ads and your product costs. 

This isn't a perfect calculation, because your business will have other expenses.

Your business also might have other ways it makes sales beyond just Facebook and Instagram ads. 

But this gives you a ballpark of what your store could produce, in relation to your goals. 
Here's An Example
Using the example above, I'd pay $15 per product from a supplier and sell it for about $45. 

I estimated I'd spend $20 in ads per each sale I make, and that I'd make about 15 sales a day. 

Finally, I estimated these numbers over a full year, to see what my profit would be over a full 12 months. 
So in this example, my store revenue would be a little less than $250k, and after subtracting ad and product costs, the net profit would be a little less than $55k.

So armed with this information, I can now make more intelligent projects about my store's ability to produce an income. 

If I wanted to make $100,000 in net profit, I'd need to sell about 30 products per day, in this scenario. 

Or... maybe I can sell a higher-priced product, and sell less units to hit my goals.

The beauty of the calculator is that you can play around with the numbers to see the different ways you can hit your goal. 

So go ahead and play around with it below, I hope you enjoy it. 

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Use the Free Dropshipping Calculator
Just drag the toggles below to change the numbers, and see what it would take to hit your goals!
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